Creating a proactive, risk-aware defense in today's dynamic risk environment

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Organizations today face growing internal and external risks. They need to become capable of rapid change. Agile, scalable risk management must be a core business competency, not just something centralized risk teams focus on. All parts of the enterprise should embrace risk as their responsibility and work as equal partners, Change-capable risk management involves creating a seamless end-to-end strategy to proactively respond to risks as they emerge. With a multilayer defense, it's possible to predict, quickly detect, and effectively respond to both existing and new risks.

Read this ebook to learn how to create alignment and transform the way you manage risk by building a common language to span strategy, people, processes, and technology. You'll learn how this common language breaks down barriers and generates end-to-end visibility, creating the agility you need to predict and respond to rapidly evolving risks.

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