Embedded Payments: How to Build Faster, Smarter B2B Payments Systems

Published by TreviPay

Today, 15% of B2B organisations will use digital commerce platforms to support both their customers and sales reps in all sales activities. There are fortunes to be made based on careful attention to the rapidly evolving realm of B2B payments. This bright future makes it imperative for finance, sales and eCommerce decision-makers in retail, manufacturing and transportation industries – as well as B2B marketplaces serving those and other industries – to:

1. Recognize the different types of disruptions and technological advances coming together in a way that intensifies the competition to “own” B2B customers.

2. Understand the pressing need to develop a future-ready and resilient payments strategy in response to those drivers of change and the new business models they’re spurring.

3. Consider embedded payments pivotal role in the future of B2B payments, and identify the building blocks needed to build this strategic capability.

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